The Divine Truth Podcast

Presenting material delivered by AJ Miller and Mary Luck

The Divine Truth Podcast presents material that has been delivered by Alan John (AJ) Miller and Mary Suzanne Luck of Australia¬†since¬†2007. AJ primarily discusses “The Way,” God’s way for us to develop a relationship with Him and become at-one by receiving Divine Love through sincere prayer and the working of the Holy Spirit. AJ maintains that he is Jesus of the Bible, and that these are the truths he has taught on Earth and in the spirit world for two thousand years. Mary Luck maintains that she is Mary Magdalene, Jesus’s soul mate and wife.

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Hiatus in podcast

The Secrets of the Universe session contains the essential elements of Divine Truth, and I feel it’s worth listening to many times. For many more recorded sessions, please visit the Divine Truth website or the Divine Truth and Divine Truth FAQ channels on YouTube. Hundreds of hours of audio, video, and printed materials are available at those sites, all for free.

The very best way to learn Divine Truth is to receive it directly from God, which anyone can do through sincere prayer. All of AJ Miller’s teachings are intended specifically to help people reach the point of being willing and able to engage in sincere prayer and form a direct relationship with God.

I do intend to post more podcasts, but most likely that won’t happen until the fall. This summer I’ll be largely offline, engaged in other personal projects.

Wishing you all the blessings of love,