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#13 Secrets of the Universe 12 of 16

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AJ Miller, Secrets of the Universe, Part 2, recorded 27 September 2009

– 0:15 The location of souls before incarnation

– 2:10 The purpose and nature of the soul and the physical and spirit bodies

– 5:19 Near death experiences

– 7:17 Stages of learning through the physical body, spirit body, and soul

– 9:48 Emotions surrounding having children

– 12:26 All children are God’s children

– 15:09 Seeing our children as our brothers and sisters

– 20:59 Life after death

– 20:59 What happens to babies when they die?

– 23:00 Children pass into Summerland in the first sphere

– 24:51 The parents’ emotions’ impact on children who pass

– 28:00 What happens to adults when they pass

– 31:45 What happens to people who commit suicide?

Transcript of Secrets of the Universe here

Video of Secrets of the Universe here. This segment begins at 01:34:01.

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