The Divine Truth Podcast

Presenting material delivered by AJ Miller and Mary Luck

A Divine Truth podcast is starting soon

More than 1,200 hours of material delivered by AJ Miller in seminars and interviews is available online (for free!) at and on the Divine Truth and Divine Truth FAQ YouTube channels. There are also hundreds (possibly thousands) of pages of transcripts, outlines, e-books, and pdfs, also free, at My intent with the Divine Truth Podcast is to present a portion of this material in 30- to 40-minute audio segments, in the hope that podcasts will be a convenient format for some listeners and that a podcast will provide opportunities for people to discover this material who might not otherwise.

I hope to post new podcasts daily during March 2015 – about thirty in all. (Later I might post more.) I’ll start with AJ’s 2009 introductory seminar titled Secrets of the Universe, which is a good place to start, and then will probably present AJ and Mary’s 2011 interview with Geoff Whitehead. The seminars and interviews are often several hours long, so it will take a week or two to podcast each one. I plan to cut the “housekeeping” type content that often begins the seminars, and I’ll try to take out long silences, applause, noise, etc., but otherwise I will present the material uncut. (The original videos can be viewed in full on the Divine Truth YouTube channel, and downloadable MP3s – as well as transcripts for many presentations – are on Everything is free!)

I hope this podcast will help interested people learn about Divine Truth and the Way to God by making the material easily accessible, in segments that will fit into a commute or lunch break. There will be minimal commentary from me, as I am very much a student and only hoping to be of service by making the material available in this form.

I expect to start podcasting daily on March 1.

God bless us every one!